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400 kW eddy current dynamometer - with fuel metering and computer data acquisition systems. The dynamometer can be set at constant speed, constant torque and variable modes. Exhaust gas analysis is available by arrangement with a NATA accredited laboratory.

Universal testers - three Avery Universal testers of 2,800 kN, 500 kN and 66 kN capacities are available for tensile and compression tests, with a variety of grips for wire ropes, rubber samples, etc. Large structures can also be loaded by the fabrication of special jigs and attachments, if required.

Environmental chambers - for use during testing of extinguishers, rubber materials, containers, packaging and cigarette lighters within the range - 40 C to 200 C, and 20% to 95% RH.

Flameproof testing - A flameproof chamber with a volume in excess of 8 m3 is available for carrying out explosion tests on engine components and spark ignition tests on cutting picks. Included with this facility are gas mixing and analysis equipment, gas ignition and pressure recording instrumentation, and overpressure hydrostatic test chamber.

Fire Extinguisher testing - In addition to the fire grounds for carrying out Class 'A' and some 'B' rating tests, our laboratory also has the equipment to carry out testing to AS/NZS 1841.1 such as component materials impact (for organic linings and plastic heads), organic lining continuity, discharge after conditioning and impact, and pressure gauge assessments. These tests, including powder compactions to AS/NZS 1841.5, are usually performed as part of SAI Global certification.

Conveyor Belt testing - Our facilities for conveyor belting testing include a fire gallery, drum friction test rig, electrical resistance and laboratory flame equipment, tensile machines for tear, belt and cover tensile and steel cord tensile and pull out tests. We carry out type tests for underground coal mining applications to AS/NZS 4606, and other tests to parts of AS 1334. Belting accessories such as scrapers, skirting, liners and lagging materials can be tested for fire-resistant and antistatic properties.

Electrical cable fire tests - Dedicated facilities for these tests include a fire tower and a 3 m3 smoke chamber for tests to AS 1660.5.1 and AS 1660.5.2 and related overseas and international standards.

Other tests can also be carried out with prior arrangement.

These facilities are available for hire - 7 days a week.

Published on 9th November 2005