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FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-static)

FRAS tests a wide range of material to various standards. Some of the tests conducted by TestSafe include:

  • Hoses - testing of hoses to AS 1180.10B.
  • Conveyor belting & conveyor accessories - NATA accredited testing of conveyor belts to AS 1332, AS 1333, AS 1334 methods 1 to 12, AS 1683.11, BS 2050 Method A4.1 & A4.2 and AS 4606.
  • Brattice clothes
  • Non-metallic materials - Plastic materials can be tested to NCB245 standard.

We will also consider undertaking test requirements to other standards or similar tests as required. Should you require any further information, please use our enquiry form.












Published on 9th November 2005