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Individual Wire Mechanical Testing

TestSafe Australia can conduct individual wire mechanical testing using AS3569 as the primary standard for this work. AS3569 references other standards for the different test methodologies.

The tests that can be conducted are:

  • Tensile testing - AS1394 and AS1391
  • Torsion testing - AS1394 and AS2505.5
  • Reverse bend testing - AS1394 and AS2505.4
  • Galvanised coating testing - AS/NZS4534

These tests given an indication of the performance or specification of the wire ropes that make up wire ropes and the standards assess these wires against the requirements for new wires.

Confirmation of the suitability of the wires in new wire ropes or assessment of the deterioration of the wires in used wire ropes are possible outcomes from this type of testing.

We will also consider undertaking test requirements to other standards, guidelines or specifications as required. Should you require any further information, please use our enquiry form.

Published on 2nd November 2005