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Non-Destructive Examination (NDE)
of Steel Wire Ropes

TestSafe Australia has been involved with the design, development and utilisation of non-destructive wire rope examination techniques for two decades. In that time we have concentrated principally on ensuring the safety and operational efficiency of mine winders within the mining industry. From time to time however, we have been called upon by various bodies to conduct non-destructive wire rope examinations in accordance with various Acts, regulations, guidelines, standards and specifications. In this regard TestSafe have assisted clients and facilities such as collieries, metalliferous mines, energy mines, ski fields, building lifts, building maintenance units, amusement parks, cranes, cable conveyors and winches.

Being part of WorkCover New South Wales, yet at the same time maintaining complete autonomy, TestSafe is in a unique and independent position of offering a service well beyond that currently offered within Australasia. Guided by a brief to assist industry, its activities are principally directed toward non-destructive and destructive examinations, accident and incident investigations as well as training both at our Londonderry facility and in-situ.

Our testing personnel hold industry recognized engineering qualifications and are classified as "competent" as defined by the "Department of Mineral Resources Guidelines for Examination, Testing and Discard of Mine Winder Ropes For Use in Coal Mines", MDG26. They also hold SGS, STAX and DAMSTRA Generic Contractor cards which is gained by undertaking regular medical examinations and safety training programs to satisfy the requirements for induction and entry into underground coal mines.

Our laboratory is accredited by N.A.T.A. as follows:

  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing by Instrumental Indication - 6.62.01.
  • Visual Inspection of Materials - 6.92.01

We also hold Department of Mineral Resources, Coal Mining Inspectorate and Engineering Branch Approval - C89/1222.

Our service includes maintenance of accurate records of the test details on our extensive database that is backed up electronically. Where required we use an alert system to inform clients of forthcoming test requirements for each of their installations. This alert is transmitted to the client between 2 and 4 weeks in advance of the required test dates and includes an estimate of cost for the programmed testing. Where required, we produce individual reports for each rope tested in an installation that includes rate of deterioration graphs and sketches of the installation with illustrations of the critical testing information. The test reports are stored electronically and, for security, are also stored in hard copy archived form at various locations.

Our laboratory has the capacity to address the requirements of all current standards, regulations, guidelines and specifications relating to the Non-Destructive Examination of steel wire ropes. If you require further information please use the enquiry form.

Published on 2nd November 2005