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TestSafe can conduct NATA accredited testing on a wide range of scaffolding products. This can include steel, aluminum and timber components.

  • Load tests on scaffold assemblies and components to AS 1576 parts 1 to 3.
  • Testing of guard rails and components.
  • Scaffolding planks AS 1577.

Fall Arrest Anchor Points
- Testing to AS/NZS 1891.3, section 3.

Roof Edge Protection
- Testing of Roof Edge Protection to AS/NZS 4994.

Guard Rails / Hand Rails / Posts
- Testing to AS 1657.

Our NATA accreditation includes 1576.2, 1576.3, 1577 & 1657


We will also consider undertaking test requirements to other standards or similar tests as required. Should you require any further information, please use our enquiry form.






Published on 9th November 2005