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Over the past 40 years we have become internationally-recognised for product testing, as well as assessing and certifying electrical products for use in explosive atmospheres.

We provide testing for mechanical equipment like conveyor belts, diesel engines and wire ropes used in coal mines. We also test fire extinguishers for their fire rating capacity.

Our chemical laboratory provides services to detect the exposure levels of chemicals or heavy metals in the air, or in a worker's blood or urine.

We also test materials for asbestos.

We are the largest of our kind in the southern hemisphere and one of only a few facilities worldwide offering these services.

All testing, assessment and certification is done within strict quality assurance processes and to the relevant standard.

Our staff are engineers, scientists and technical experts who are recognised internationally for testing, assessment and product certification.

Testing, assessment and certification

We carry out a range of testing to make sure workplaces, and the equipment used in workplaces, are safe. This includes:

  • Electrical equipment testing, like electric motors and switches used in explosive atmospheres
  • Chemical testing to detect if workers are being exposed to occupational health and safety hazards, like spray painters using two pack paints, farmers using herbicides to control weeds, or doctors and nurses treating cancer patients with cytotoxic drugs
  • Mechanical equipment testing, like conveyor belts and diesel engines used in underground coal mines
  • Fire and explosion equipment testing, like fire extinguishers to determine their capacity to extinguish fires.

Our clients are generally:

  • Designers and manufactures of electrical equipment, or diesel powered equipment, that is used in explosive environments
  • Occupational hygienists or doctors requiring analysis of a worker's blood or urine
  • Manufacturers of mechanical-type equipment eg conveyer belts and fire extinguishers

Major incident investigations

Our testing capabilities mean we are often called upon by Government authorities and businesses to help them investigate systems and equipment failures that have led to a serious industrial incident like a fatality resulting from an electrical shock, the collapse of a crane, or an explosion on a worksite.

We have recently provided technical assistance to investigate:

  • the cause of a fatality resulting from using an electric drill
  • the safety of gas detectors used in an underground mine explosion
  • the cause of a major explosion resulting from cutting open an empty 200 litre drum that was previously filled with solvent.

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