Workplace testing

Workplace environment samples, like air, surface or bulk, are tested for the levels of hazardous materials in the workplace. 

The laboratory does not provide a sampling service to the public nor does the laboratory give an opinion on the analytical results. This is usually done by an occupational hygienist.

We analyse for substances like:

  • industrial chemicals
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • cytotoxic drugs
  • heavy metals
  • solvents
  • volatile organic components, including BTEX
  • asbestos
  • various inorganic and organic substances including carcinogenic substances
  • silica
  • dust

Our laboratory utilises state of the art modern instrumental techniques which include:

  • GC-MS
  • LC-MS/MS
  • XRF
  • XRD
  • FTIR
  • gravimetric
  • microscopy

Our laboratory staff are specialists in these areas with extensive experience. The laboratory is NATA accredited (3726) and complies with the requirements of ISO/IED 17025.

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Our chemical analysis handbook has more information on this testing. You can also call 02 9473 4000 or email for more information.

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