Australian (Ex) certification

Our Australian (Ex) Certification Product certification is designed to verify the manufacturer's claimed compliance with requirements of technical Standards covered by the ANZEx Explosion Protected Electrical Equipment Scheme (Electrical Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres).

The AUSEx Scheme operated as a Type Test Scheme that required testing of samples with a 10 year certificate of conformity. No applications for new AUSEx certificates are accepted, with the Scheme drawing to a close in the next few years. Current AUSEx certificates are still valid and supplementaries for minor changes can be made through us.

The ANZEx Scheme (Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme) is a quality based scheme that requires:

  • sample product testing
  • assessment of design
  • initial and on-going quality surveillance of the manufacturer's quality system and manufacturing capability.

Certificate maintenance is achieved through ongoing quality assessments. For ISO 9001 certified manufacturers with an appropriate scope, Ex surveillance audits are conducted 18 monthly, and for manufacturers without ISO 9001 certification the audits are conducted six monthly.

There is no expiry of the ANZEx certificate, provided the Scheme rules are followed and surveillance audits are successful.

Our qualified and experienced Ex engineers and technical staff are trained to carry out product testing, design assessments and quality audits and have done so in various regions of Australia and around the world.

To apply for ANZEx certification please complete an application form.

AUSEx and ANZEx Scheme certificates are located at the CRA-International's (scheme administrator) website.

Contact details for CRA-International include:

The general rules and policies of the Schemes are contained in Standards Australia publications MP 69 and Q7134 for the AUSEx Scheme, and MP 87.1: 2008 for the ANZEx scheme.

Applicants in possession of an IECEx Assessment and Test Report (ExTR) and quality assessment report (QAR) can apply for ANZEx Certification from us. Wewill conduct a technical review of the ExTRand QARand any supporting documentation and proceed to certification- product testing, design assessment and quality audit may not have to be repeated.

We are accredited by NATA and Licensed byNSW Trade and Investment to conductrepair and overhaul of explosion protected electrical equipment (ANZEx Scheme). This includes shotfirers and circuit testers that are used in the mining industry.

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