Assessment and certification

We test, assess and certify electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres for different types of protection. We also offer certification of service facilities, and take part in the Conformity Mark Licensing System.

Product certification

Product certification issued by us can be used as independent proof of compliance with standards covered by the IECEx Scheme (International Electrotechnical Commission Certification Scheme) and the ANZEx Scheme (Australian/New Zealand Explosion Protected Electrical Equipment Scheme).

The IECEx and ANZEx Schemes are quality-based schemes that require a test report and a quality assessment report (QAR) to be issued in order that a certificate of conformity can be issued.

The test report is issued against an Ex standard and is based on sample testing and assessment of documentation and design of the equipment for compliance with Australian and International Standards.

The QAR is issued on the basis of a successful on-site assessment of a manufacturer's quality system.

We audit manufacturers of IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX certified electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres to ensure that their product is manufactured to the design that was certified and to the audit standard ISO/IEC 80079-34. Once certification is issued, surveillance audits are conducted regularly, the frequency of which depends on the individual Scheme rules and whether the manufacturer holds current ISO 9001 certification.

We are able to provide clients with IECEx and ANZEx:

  • Test Reports (ExTR)
  • Quality Assessment Reports (QAR) 
  • Certificates of Conformity.

IECEx service facility certification

We offer certification of service facilities under the IECEx Scheme (refer rules IECEx 03 from the IECEx website)for organisations that repair and overhaul IECEx certified equipment.Service facilities must complete a successful on-site quality assessment, which includes staff competency assessment.Once certification is issued surveillance audits are conducted at least every 12 months.

IECEx conformity mark license

The IECEx Conformity Mark Licensing System(refer to rules IECEx 04 from the IECEx website) means manufacturers can place a conformity mark on their equipment for IECEx certificates have been obtained from us.