Increased safety 'Ex e' testing

Increased safety tests determine if the design of the electrical equipment prevents arcs, spark and hot surfaces from occurring within the equipment.

The design requirements for increased safety electrical equipment are specified in International Standards IEC 60079-7 and Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60079.7.

Additional measures are applied to ensure that electrical equipment does not produce arcs, sparks or excessive temperature in normal operation or under specified abnormal condition.

High quality insulation, creepage and clearance distances, specially designed wiring connections, etc,are used to minimise the risk of arcs, sparks and heat causing explosions.

Some examples of physical tests of selected samples that form an important part of the examination for certification are listed below:

  • Thermal endurance to heat and cold
  • Degree of protection IP54 test
  • Dynamometer and locked rotor tests of motors
  • Temperature-rise test of luminaries and junction boxes
  • Creepage an clearance measurement
  • The class of insulation and basic workmanship

Components using other 'Ex' techniques in conjunction with'Ex e'elements can be Ex component certified for dual types of explosion protection.These components may be found in luminaries, control boxes and other Zone I assemblies.

View our checklist  to see if the product complies with the relevant clauses of Increased Safety - Ex e IEC 60079-7 before sending for certification.

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