Non-sparking testing

Non-sparking 'Ex n' tests determine if the design of the electrical equipment prevents any potential sources of ignition.

The design requirements for non-sparking electrical equipment are specified in International Standards IEC 60079-15 and Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60079.15.

Some electrical equipment,components. If electrical equipment or circuit can produce sparks or arcs or hot surfaces, they have to be protected in one of the ways specified in IEC 60079-15 so that they are not capable of igniting a surrounding explosive atmosphere..

The Standard recognises that the equipment must be at a level of design that may be above that acceptable for safe area applications.

Low energy devices or power-consuming equipment are assessed and tested to ensure compliance with the standards. Component certification is also possible to allow for their use in different types of products.

Specific requirements for large motors are included in the Standard.

View our checklist to see if the product complies with the relevant clauses of the non Sparking "Ex n" - IEC 60079 -15 before submitting for certification.

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