Powder filling testing

Powder filling 'Ex q' tests determine if the powder used in the electrical equipment is capable of preventing an ignition of gas inside the equipment from spreading to the outside.

The design requirements for using powder to prevent explosions (from gases entering electrical equipment and enclosures) are specified in international standards IEC 60079-5.

The powder filling "q" explosion-protection technique is useful in applications that combine two or more types of protection to form an assembly that is used in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

There are limits to the power that may be contained within a powder-filled enclosure.

The standard sets the limits as:

  • a maximum rated supply current of 16 Amps
  • a maximum rated supply voltage of 1000 Volts
  • A maximum rated power consumption of 1,000 Watts

Voltages within the "q" enclosure may exceed the supply voltage, but there are limits to the energy that may be stored.

Special filling arrangements are required to ensure that the dry filling medium fits closely together around all components within the enclosure to ensure there are no significant voids. There are minimum requirements regarding distance to earthed metal from any live component through the filling medium.

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