Diesel engine testing

We test diesel engines used to power equipment in underground coal mines to determine if they are explosion protected and their emissions are within specified limits.

We operate a 400 kW engine dynamometer and can:

  • conduct comparison testing of fuels for power and emissions
  • Test for engine characteristics, exhaust emissions, surface temperatures, fuel consumption etc.

Type testing

We also carry out type testing of diesel engines systems to AS/NZS 3584.2:2003 standards.

This includes:

  • flame propagation and pressure determination testing, exhaust conditioner shutdown water levels and hydrostatic testing
  • dynamometer testing of diesel engines for performance, exhaust emissions, surface temperatures, fuel and exhaust conditioner water consumption and safety shutdown systems
  • smoke testing
  • exhaust filter testing

For full information on our diesel engine testing capabilities, see our capability guide.

We may also be able to test to other standards or carry out similar tests if required.

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