Protective helmets

We test helmets used in workplaces to Australian Standards to determine if they are strong enough to provide adequate protection for wearers.

When we test helmets, we are testing to ensure they meet the general requirements of AS/NZS 1801:1997.

This can include testing the:

  • dimensions
  • ventilation
  • conditioning - Hot 50°C, Cold -10°C, Wet to 23°C
  • stiffness of helmet shell
  • electrical resistance
  • shock absorption 5kg mass
  • penetration resistance 3kg spike
  • resistance to ignition of helmet shell
  • prolonged high temperature stability @120°C
  • resistance to ignition of ear and neck protectors
  • thermal performance of helmet shell
  • high radiant heat @ 200°C
  • marking

We are accredited by NATA for the following tests:

  • Type 1 - General Industrial
  • Type 2 - High Temperature Workplaces

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