Respiratory protective devices

We test respirators to Australian Standard to determine if they can help workers breathe if required when working in potentially hazardous conditions or environments.

Examples of respirators can include:

  • facepieces
  • cartridge type respirators
  • air fed respirators

Things we test for

General requirements for all respirators to AS/NZS1716: 2012

  • exhalation valve leakage
  • noise level of respirators
  • positive pressure
  • total inward leakage testing
  • carbon dioxide accumulation
  • security of attachments
  • simulated work testing
  • assessment of markings and instructions

Self-contained breathing apparatus

  • nominal effective life
  • pressure testing of pressure hoses
  • active warning device

Particulate, gas and vapour filter respirators

  • gas filter capacity for Cyclohexane
  • particulate filtering efficiency of filters
  • exhaled air humidity pre-conditioning for disposable type respirators
  • breathing resistance of face pieces and filter

Powered air (purifying respirators)

  • flow rates
  • battery life

Airline respirators

  • tensile and kink testing of airline assembly, couplings and waist belts
  • simulated work testing

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