Destructive testing

Destructive testing is a tensile test performed on a test piece of a rope to determine its ultimate tensile strength.

We conduct these tests to AS2759 and AS3569 for all types of wire ropes up to 56mm diameter, and to a maximum breaking force of 2,800 kN. Prior to testing, the wire ropes are carefully prepared.

For wire ropes up to 25mm diameter, the wire ropes can be either grip tested or capped. For wire ropes over 25mm diameter, capping is only used.

Capping consists of unwinding and 'splaying' all wires in the rope at each end of the sample, multiple stages of cleaning of the wires, and then casting of a special resin 'cap' over the 'splayed' wires at each end.

This allows the wire rope sample to be locked into the tensile test machine without affecting the strength of the wires and ensuring an accurate test result.

Elongation of the sample is also recorded against the applied load and this information is provided in the test report.

Following destructive testing, a detailed visual inspection of the wire rope is conducted with inspection results also included in the test report.

TestSafe Australia is NATA accredited for:

  • 13.05.72 Proof, breaking load and extension tests in the range 200 N to 2800 kN.

We may also be able to test to other standards or carry out similar tests if required.

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